excludes: 'toc-exclude',
  headingNumber: true,
  headings: 'h2, h3',
  includes: '',
  min: 4,
  output: '.toc',
  title: 'Contents',
  titleElement: 'h2',
  tocNumber: true,
Property Default Sample Description
excludes toc-exclude (string)   Headings of this class are excluded. If more than one is specified, separate them with blanks or commas .
headingNumber true (bool)   Display number in heading
headings h2, h3 (string) h2, h3, h4 Specify the heading elements to be included in the table of contents, separated by commas.
includes ’’ (string) .toc-include Of the elements specified by [headings], only the elements of the class specified here are subject to the table of contents.
min 4 (int)   Specify the minimum number of headings to display the table of contents.
output .toc (string)   Specify elements to display the table of contents.
title Contents (string)   Title character of table of contents.
titleElement h2 (string)   Tag of table of contents title.
tocNumber true (bool)   Display Number in Table of contents.